Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey There Dolly...

Oh wait... that's Kobi! I debated about posting these pictures. You know with Kobi being a boy and all but I thought they were pretty funny! Kobi loves to shove toys in his shirt, pants, wherever! So the other night (with daddies help) I heard a ton of laughter coming from our bedroom. This is what I saw. Oh yes people. It takes talent to stuff your shirt with Spiderman and Superman balls!Since there is really know way to comment on this I'll post about something else. Lets see... How about Sherry's beauty tips for the week:
Ever want that sleek styled look?
My favorite beauty product(s) of the week are Eufora Sculpture (hair gel), Eufora Illuminate (shine mist), Fekkai Glossing Cream (olive oil) applied while the hair is wet. YES ALL 3! Then apply straight Cholesterol (you know the stuff for your scalp during perms) directly to dry hair (a little goes a long way!) and topped off with a Ceramic series Helen of Troy flat iron all over! I start from the back of my head and work to the top. Wiping out frizz along the way! You'll achieve that Hollywood sleek look (probably fry your hair in the process) and yet people will still come up to you and say "My how your hair is shiny and looks so healthy"! Now that I probably have hairstylist cringing does anyone else have good beauty tips for us mama's on the go?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Did anyone hear loud banging last night?

Well if you did it was coming from our home. I don't think he needs toys for Christmas... just pots! Oh and a couple spoons. He broke one right in half playing drums! NO JOKE!! (It was thick plastic!) I'm thinking that if this kid (who's only 18 months) can break kitchen utensils in half with one hand then Karate, Muay Thai or Kung Fu lessons should be in order. I'll try to video tape Kobi in action next time... after I purchase new spoons:)

Kobi & The Pink Tooth Brush

Oh yes people! In our home we believe in brushing our teeth after every meal... sometimes even during our 2007 Thanksgiving Day family picture! Oh Kobi your so cute!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Kobi Giggles

I'm up and running again! I realise its been awhile since posting last and that maybe showing just new Kobi photos would not help those in need of a good "Kobi fix"! So here is a short video of just laughter. For the past 2 weeks I have been running around like a crazy lady, working full time, trying to finish a rather large project, planning for the holidays and waiting for Dell to send me a brand new computer monitor (ours blew). So you see its not that I haven't wanted to receive emails and check out all of Kobi's cool cyber friends, its just that I haven't had a computer to do this on. Sorry to have scared everyone. I can say that Matthew Kobi and I are all healthy, we are laughing just as much as usual and NO I have not had any cosmetic surgeries requiring 2 weeks of down time. LOL! That was about the funniest email I received on my work computer! Wink, Wink... Thank you all for the very sincere comments you have left:) I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. For being Kobi's 1st he did beautifully! Look out turkey and green beans... Kobi's coming through!! My heart goes out to all you waiting families. I know how difficult the holidays can be when you are waiting for that phone to ring! Hang in there and hopefully very soon your babies will be home:)

On another note Kobi and I wanted to welcome another Taiwan cutie to America...

Congratulations Chris and Tiffany! We know you guys are beyond excited right now to be home with your little Miss Sophia:)

*As promised there will be many new Kobi pictures and stories to come...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Slight Issue

Sorry to say that I will be taking a quick break from blogging and emails for the next two weeks. However I guarantee that there will be many adorable Kobi pics to come:)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007

That One Outfit...

There is always that one outfit that we all look back at in pictures and think to ourselves "What was my mother thinking"? I have a feeling that for Kobi it will be this blazer. Its not something I would normally run to the cash register and buy but for some reason it just screamed... I have to have it! Its just so ugly:)Yet so cute! So what do you guys think? Is it a hit or a miss??

Thursday, November 1, 2007


My GOD! What is that and why the H_ _ _ is it parked in my garage?! All I can say is I am sure Matthew was purely thinking of his very loving wife and son when he wrote a check for this vehicle. Cant you just envision all 3 of us taking long car rides to... HELL you get the gist! All I can say is where does the suitcase go... NOT TO MENTION A STROLLER!? That being said it is a very cute car for a soon to be single man. (JOKING!)Boy its a good thing that Matthew gave Kobi a bath, fed him dinner and whisked him off to the crib or I might be just a little tiffed tonight. WHAT THE x2?! My 2nd surprise for the evening was finding my fully clothed child complete with jacket passed out on the couch... you know at 9PM. Look at that face. He's just to cute to be mad (at his father). All I can say isn't mama and Kobi going to be looking so hot while we are cruising down the beach in our white bathing suits, driving our white little sporty thing and calling daddy on the cell to see how he likes us not taking him on family vacation. Hahaha! I mean the way I see it... sorry daddy your out. This is mama's new 2 seater! THANKS!