Friday, July 10, 2009

Kobi can you look at the camera?

I know your "drum-bucket" is way fun but can you look at mama?
OK, that's a little better. Now can you actually open those eyes?
Hmmm... yes they are open but can you take that cup off your face?
Finally a good 1 second shot before the cover was over head!
And there you go. Bribing with food works every time :)

Is my baby getting cheekbones? I think he's getting cheekbones? Baby pudge where have you gone?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where has the time gone?

4th of July pics

Kobi's buddy Sean. He's told me he wishes for a big brother :)

Auntie Cassie (Sherry's sis). They have the best bond :)
Fun at the cabin in June.

All I can say is there is always one scrunched up face picture to a post these days.

I can not believe how long I have gone without posting pictures! Where are my manners? To get everyone up to date I've been a little preoccupied with computer problems (who has signal strength issues?!) , house difficulties (hot water heater flooded basement) , to many visits to the court house and zoning committee to count (nothing bad but attempting to even build a "forever-house" is more stressful then anything I could have imagined... are there groups for that sort-of thing?!) and just life in general! Other then that all is good here in Kobi-land :)
Ok... now that's out of the way who wants to hear "Kobisms" ?

1. I took Kobi shopping the other weekend and the nice people at Gap let him choose a balloon to take home. He was so excited about his new green balloon and mama was so careful putting it in the backseat and driving it all the way home. It didn't pop. Now imagine you get home and you unhook your 3 year old (he stands right near the edge of the car because lets face it a new balloon awaits him) and your mama reaches in to grab it and by the gust of God it floats up in the air and poof its gone. Now you know your child is getting so grown-up when out of his mouth he says, "What just happened here!?" I proceed to tell him I'm so sorry but the balloon is gone (at this rate outer space is its new home) and mama can't get it. A scared frown face is looking up at me. Out of his mouth comes (in a frantic voice) "THEN CALL SUPERMAN AND TELL HIM TO GO GET IT!"
2. I come home from an exhausting day at work and in the dinning room Kobi is already eating dinner. I'm just so thankful to be home and eagerly always ask my son what he did in school today. Before I can actually get the words out of my mouth I am greeted with "What are you looking at hockey puck!?" Yep... timeout followed with early bedtime.

3. Daddy has been so disciplined this summer with workouts and diet that in the evening time you will hear the punching bag, weight bench and treadmill all in use. All about the hour that is a certain 3 year olds bedtime. Every night mama is in charge of tub time, teeth brushing and stories and at the end of this ritual Kobi will always say "Now daddy... he's comin up, right?" Yes daddy always does. So after Matthews reached the point of exhaustion he always checks on Kobi who is always still awake and says goodnight. Except one night I hear from the hallway "Daddy why do you exercise?" Daddy replies "To have big muscles like Kobi's". Daddy proceeds to tell me the next thing Kobi does is stretch his body out on the bed, slowly fold his arms behind his head, lets out a sigh and says "Yeah... and I don't even workout." Oh my God we couldn't stop laughing!

4. The beach house is on the agenda again this year (same one in Delaware) and we finally tell Kobi that he will be playing on the beach again very soon. The facial expression of excitement I can not even begin to explain. Like Christmas morning about sums it up. Matthew and I go one step further and ask "Is there any special thing you would like to do at the beach"? Assuming he would say ride golf carts, etc... His response "I think maybe I'd like to have a Coke Cola".
God I love this kid!