Monday, September 29, 2008

The Red Bat Photo Shoot

Look out bushes cause here I come!

Kobi playing pic-a-boo with the flower that magically appeared on his baseball bat. Hmmm...

Behind bars at the age of 2. What can I say, shouldn't have wreaked the bushes. LOL!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Quick Kobi Fix!

Has it really been this long?! Oh my! Here is a quick "Kobi Fix" for you guys and I promise to have pictures posted ASAP! LOL! (Also see "Before & After" post below) Here is the scoop on whats been happening in our home. Kobi has had his 2 year check-up (yeah its a little late) and we have got some skin issues! Just last Monday we saw the worst allergist I have ever met in my life (actually it was the only allergist I have ever met) and Kobi was tested for every food group and some other things. This woman was unbelievable but that in itself is a whole other story! Now since the day Kobi was placed in our arms his beautiful skin has been transformed from a flawless complexion to a splotchy, eczema stricken, scarred, bumpy mess followed by pigment loss. So since I have seen several pediatricians (that give me know answers) in allergist was next on the list. I swear to God this child's skin reacts to certain foods and soaps. If he even eats applesauce the next day he has chicken pox ("looking bumps") on his body. I wash all of his clothes in Seventh Generation detergent for babies (use no dryer sheets on anything) and even Dreft is to rough a detergent to use. So last Monday Kobi was tested for every food group, etc and get this the doctor says he's fine, no allergies! I looked at the woman, covered Kobi's ears and said "Lady I don't make this shit up! There is something wreaking my kids skin!" To which she says nothing that requires an epi pen. Now in my blonde head I'm thinking "Yes I know because I feed him...!!!! But you mean to tell me that the bumps that appear after he eats an orange is not related?" Her answer was they could be related but his throat isn't going to close up, now anymore questions? Ughh!!! So in an attempt to diagnose my own kid how many of you have ever had Tinea Versicolor and severe eczema? I treat one and it makes the other look worse. Lovely cycle! Kobi is scheduled to have some blood work done to rule out Vitiligo along with testing for anemia and when those test results come back with no true information just like everything else then I guess I will start buying "miracle creams" off the internet! So any advice is greatly welcomed in this department. I know for a fact that Kobi has a form of Eczema (and no I have never been told that he does but its obvious that he must, however he never itch's or complains about it) and that there must be some product (from Canada/ Mexico) somewhere that helps get rid of the redness/ Eczema. I've tried everything! ADVICE PLEASE! My last resort is the dermatologist because I truly believe these issues are diet related. Now that everyone is updated I better get a move on in the picture department! :)

Bathroom Before & After

Kobi's bathroom is almost finished! With the exception of quarter round molding and accessories I can say I'm somewhat happy with the finished product! As most of you know I had no desire to spend any kind of real money on baby mans bathroom. Quite frankly I just don't know how long we will stay in this house as I feel like the walls are already closing in on me:) So here is the run down on my expenses. Now remember this was my "Design on a Dime" bathroom. LOL!
1. New peel in stick floors~$30 Home Depot
2. New toilet (since I cracked the tank putting the old one back in place and hey it was ugly anyway) ~$300 screw up. Home Depot
3. Paint~ $35 Walmart (for walls & ceiling)
4. Paint for cabinet~ $18 Rust-Oleum. This went on well (thin but that was a good thing. I used gray primmer then high gloss black)
5. New mirror~ $60 (Yes! Only $60 bucks at Home Goods... Rock On!)
6. New lights~ $275 Home Depot Expo
7. New ceiling fan/ light~ $80 Home Depot
8. New faucet~ $80 + $119 (Note to self... check how many holes are actually drilled in the sink if you are not replacing the counter top before you purchase a way cool bamboo style faucet on that requires only one hole and get this you have two! LOL! Its fine I needed another faucet for the basement bathroom anyway:)
9. Two shower curtains~ $50 total on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond (I used one to make the curtain)
10. Curtain Tie Backs~ $6 Again on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond that I used like a "curtain rod" to make a swag
11. New Shower Curtain Rod~ $15 Home Goods strikes again!
12. New Bath Mat~ $12 You guessed it... Home goods!
13. New knobs~ $15 Home Depot Expo
So that puts me out roughly (Drum Roll Please!) $976.00
Under a grand "Woo Hoo" and no more ugly blue and white floors!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

DC Zoo & Metro Too!

Kobi had his first train ride on Sunday. Ahhh... public transportation. LOL! He did awesome! I had forgotten how loud the Metro was and that it goes through tunnels but nothing seemed to scare Kobi so all was good:)

As soon as the train started his face had the biggest smile. It was the cutest thing just to watch his facial expressions the entire ride.

Once at the DC Zoo we hit the Asia Trail first.

When Kobi saw the panda bear he screamed "Look Panda Drinking His Nay-Nay!" (Milk, which is not how any of my Mandarin teachers have spelled it in English but this is how I read it and so this is how I write it... sorry I'm "phonetics" challenged :) Some Chinese people standing by started laughing.
It was really neat to watch the panda's. They play just like children! These must have been young ones.

The red pandas were Kobi's favorite and so he now has a new stuffed one that he affectionately named Home Depot. With the addition of the new red panda we now have a bedtime ritual. Kobi's beloved Ber-miss-son, Benjamin and now Home Depot must be tucked under the sheets every night before bed. There's one more giant panda that has been named get this... Pickles. However Pickles isn't cool enough to get covers like the rest of Kobi's buddies. Sorry Pickles, apparently your not in Kobi's posses. LOL!
After Zoo time we hopped over to Auntie Cassie's house (Sherry's sister) for a much needed pool dip. Sunday was hot! I just love this picture of Kobi hugging one of his favorite cousins Courtney. You can tell he just doesn't want to let go.