Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Catch Up

I have managed to upload three post tonight. I feel my work here is done. LOL!
During our beach trip Matthew and I kept finding conch shells with the "conch" still in them. Not sure if that's the right lingo but these things were all over the place! I really thought conch's lived only in the Caribbean? Guess I'm wrong.
Kobi pretended to be ship wrecked :)

This last picture is my favorite! Look at all the excitement that stems from playing in the water. So cute!

Night Stroll

No people, just us and the bug spray :)

Kobi was so excited because this cat came right up to him on the beach. There was another cat that ran into our house one day and as soon as Kobi spotted it (and grasped it), lets just say I strongly doubt it will ever come back around. Kobi's just to rough with kitties. I felt bad for the poor thing.

Cape May

Can you tell Kobi was a little excited about his first ferry ride?
Such a happy little guy!

I did not realize the trip would take 75 minutes from Delaware to New Jersey or that the boat would rock so much. Not exaggerating car alarms were going off every 5 minutes! The wind was really bad! Kobi loved walking around the boat. Mama hardly has balance walking on ground that's not moving so I mainly stayed seated but it was so funny to watch daddy stumble around like a drunken sailor (who could not keep his balance for the record either) and watching Kobi pretend to fall about... even though he could walk perfectly fine :)
When we docked Pete the Pirate was waiting for us in New Jersey. All I could think of was this poor sweating person in the suit but Kobi acted as if he just met Elmo... too cute!
I love how Kobi throws his arms up for pictures.
We took a tour by trolley to all the scenic places in Cape May. It was actually really neat. I totally loved it because the gardens were amazing to see and the homes looked so well preserved. Matt and Kobi on the other hand fell asleep but hey... no one bothered me while I got to snap great pictures. Hehe! After the trolley we walked to HotDog Tommy's which Matt had just seen on the Food Network or Travel Channel or something? I guess its one of the top 10 places for a hot dog and man was the line loooong! We finally get to order and this guy holding a tiny little girl (maybe 18 months if that) says "Do you mind ordering a side of macaroni with your order because I can't wait in this line with my little girl?" I looked at him and said "You realize we could die because of this!?" He said he'd take full responsibility if we felt any heat (like a man holding an 18 month kiddo could fend off the likes of that crowd) and we ordered the macaroni. The nice part was the guy paid for our food but as I walked back to our ride I thought to myself "Why didn't I think of that?" LOL! Kobi could have totally put on the tears and I could have been a line jumper too!
Pre-nap :)

On the way back to Delaware our little guy went into total melt down mode. No "thorough" nap and age three... that's understandable. However we got some cuteness shots before the "1-800-Whaa" occurred.

Finally after a long day we were back at the beach house and what did we do before bed... Peek-A-Boo. I don't think that game will ever get old :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Were back from Delaware!

This year we returned to the same beach house as last year for one week and boy was it hard to return home:) I have a ton of pictures to upload and I promise I will but right now I have a little three year old that needs to go to bed (me included) so more pictures to follow on another day. This year we also took the ferry to Cape May (Kobi's first ferry ride!)