Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Kobi Loves the Swing!

Kobi cant get enough of the swings! He loves them! We try to visit them as much as possible these days. Here is video from Wednesday night. So that the whole world is not bored of Kobi playing on the swing I have added music and words. So turn on those speakers and sing along:)


Sarah said...

Oh I was just expecting to see happy giggles on the swing... not da da and bye bye and more! How fun!

Andrea said...

That was sweet! I love the music you choose, that was cute.

LaLa said...

Now who could get bored watching that sweetie! I love hearing those little giggles!

Jackie said...

Kobi is sooo cute and SMART! :)


sheley said...

Kobi is so smart to already know so many body parts!!

I will be changing blogs...big mistake happened when we changed servers. I will let you know the new address and stuff.

Keep the cute stuff coming for those of us who have a long wait ahead of us.


Ann said...

Wow, how old is he now. He's doing very well, I was amazed at how much he was doing.

Sherry said...


Kobi is almost 1. His 1st birthday is May 16th. He seems to be a really quick learner when it comes to body parts...LOL! He also likes when I count but isnt up for counting along yet:)


Oh do let me know your new blog address when its up & running! What happened??? (Email me when you can...)


Im going in to Shuan withdrawl!! LOL! Any new video's of your little man?


I just wanted to say that Im addicted to your blog! LOL! It seems like everyday you have new pictures/ post:) You Rock!


I keep praying for your travel call every night! I cant wait to see you & Miss Miranda together:)


Have you bought anymore dresses yet? Have you bought anymore dresses yet??? LOL! LOL!

Debberoo said...

Oh the sheer joy!

Brady Balighian said...

Thanks for visiting us on Tuesday. I love this new video. I can't wait until Brady is swinging and naming his body parts too! I am just amazed by Kobi, we love him very much:)