Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kobi's 2nd Birthday!

This is a short video of Kobi's quiet birthday at home with just mama and daddy. Friday marked his second birthday and I am starting to think that he is finally grasping the idea of "presents":) We had planned to take baby Kobi to the DC Zoo this weekend and make our way over to Chucky Cheese but considering the fact that many of our local friends (with kids) are sick we opted to have a very calm birthday this year. This video is mainly just Kobi opening presents (and made for the grandparents) but hey there's music:)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mama's, Birthday's and Bubbles

Happy Birthday Daddy! (THE BIG 3-0!)

Matt's first picture as a 15 (I mean) 30 year old :) I can't believe I'm married to such an old man. (Hehehe!) Hope the next 30 years are just as exciting babe!

On Saturday we journeyed over to Aunt Cassie's house (Sherry's sister) to celebrate an early Mother's Day, Birthday and scope out aunties HUGE work in progress... the new pool!
Sure... it was totally freezing for mama's standards but Kobi had a great time playing with cousins and kicking the water.
I think Kobi was determined to jump right in.

After all that water splashing we found out what Kobi's newest infatuation is. Bubble gum!

I think this last picture is hysterical!

*On another note. This Friday is Kobi's 2nd Birthday. I have planned nothing! (I know I'm so behind on this... BAD MOMMY!) So does anyone have any good last minute ideas on where to throw a party or maybe a theme or something? I mean how awful is it to not have something planned? I need some advice on this topic. PLEASE HELP!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Im a Low Rider

Today Kobi was given two bikes by Mrs. Vanessa (aka one of mamas best girlfriends) and let me tell you... he loves them! Thank You, Thank You!
On an even better note we are all "antibiotic-ed up" so we our feeling much better this weekend and with such nice weather today we just had to test out the new rides! Here's a short video of my low rider. I don't think baby Kobi will come in at all this summer with new toys like this outside:)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh No!

Sorry guys we have:
and Pink Eye!

***I mean were only 2 1/2 people here! So sorry that the emails have gone unanswered and the phone just rings. Were to sick to answer right now but on a positive note... Kobi has gone back to school today. He's been pink eyed cleared via mama and I hope it stays that way! So wish us luck that we kick these bag bugs out of our house and it is ok to bleach everything... right? Now where'd that Lysol go??

(I had to throw in one cute picture:)