Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kobi's Room

Hmmm... Where's Kobi?
Oh there he is!
The next picture Kobi is reading Easter books to Pickles (yes he named this bear Pickles) The other pandas are named as followed:
Home Depot
Tuna Fish which sometimes he calls French Fry (?)
After this Kobi's taking Pickles on an Easter Egg hunt. (He's a little confused about the holidays but hey if it keeps him busy mama just goes with the flow:)

February 2009
January 2007
After his first vaccine shots. I miss those little fat rolls:)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Future Oodles of Noodles Spokesperson

Mama being goofy. Actually Kobi ate all these noodles in the next bite!
Fork included:)
That's one way to eat a noodle!

(I'm not real sure why I posted these but I think they are cute:)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blue Room Photo Shoot

I rarely take pictures in our blue room but thought it might look neat with Kobi's pajamas that we had bought in Taiwan. He's finally grown into them. I remember saying he's never gonna fit into these! Well two years later and here you go! I love the way they turned out. Maybe more photo shoots will happen in the blue room:) I have been very behind in the picture department these days however I promise I've got some great ones in store:)
On a very exciting note I have a health update. In November I was told that I had Type 2 Diabetes. I was put on medication as soon as I left the doctors office (which made me extremely sick) and I removed myself off of the medication within one weeks time. I am happy to report that I not only have NO MORE type 2 diabetes but also am not even a pre-diabetic! I am such a disbeliever in medication to begin with. Except for extreme cases when clearly medication is needed. However this problem I have taken care of naturally by changing my complete way of life. I stopped eating carbs and sugars in the initial first two months and stuck with lots of vegetable soups and replaced my baked potatoes with sweet potatoes. I of course have the worst sugar tooth of all time and so I went through many pears and strawberries to replace ice cream and the brownies. I now eat organic food as much as possible and when I need sandwiches I've ditched the croissants for multi-grain pita's making sure nothing says "enriched" anywhere in the packaging. Towards the last month I ate "sugar-free" puddings and ice cream made with Splenda and I gotta say every bite bothered me a bit because I just think that stuff causes cancer. As an interesting note the same doctor also has had my thyroid checked out (which was normal) three months ago and now it appears as if I have an over-active thyroid. Now knowing me I have researched all this online and would you believe that eating artificial sugars can make your blood work appear as if you have an over-active thyroid? So now I have ditched the "sugar-free" stuff and gone completely to honeys and organic cane sugar. By far though the hardest part of my diet was cancelling out alcohol but I did and now only drink about once a week! This coming from the women that had wine every night:) I have more blood work in six weeks so we shall see. It will be interesting to see if my Thyroid appears with more normal numbers again and I'll keep you guys posted.
Now like I said more Kobi pics to come!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Yellow Jacket

I can not believe it is February and we are running around with wind breakers on. Must be the calm before the storm? Anyway I love Kobi in these pictures with his little yellow jacket and snot rolling down his nose:)
It was just nice to get outside!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yeah Mon

The award for goofiest child goes to ____.
Yep its bed time but my kiddo is running around with pants on his head and would you look at those skinny legs! No more pudgy thighs (sniff, sniff). We were also told today that Kobi will be moving out of his 2's class early (another sniff, sniff) since he is already potty trained and speaks like a little adult. Speaking of speaking like an adult a funny thing happened in the car today. Brief recap... one of my nieces just had a birthday & I (the bad auntie) have been driving around with her present in my trunk for awhile. Anyway this morning Kobi says where is the present? Present came out sounding like "pres-dent" and it was early so this took me some time to figure out. Finally I realized, oh you mean "PRESENT" and that's in the trunk. Next thing he said (and I kid you not) was, "Pres-dent Obama's in the trunk?!" I just had no idea that he
#1 knew who Obama even was
#2 even what a president was for that matter.
So with my astonishment said VERY GOOD and Kobi gave me this look of horror like there could actually be someone in my trunk. LOL! We cleared things up and I don't know what people are talking about... I love the "terrific two's"! :)