Thursday, May 28, 2009

Me and my tractor

Ok... so I have just posted a million of the same picture but Kobi's facial expressions were just to cute to not post all my favorites (especially the first one). Man does this tractor go fast! I'm not joking! Its got two speeds and a reverse and I can not even be outside when Kobi's riding throughout the yard because it makes me so darn nervous. Seriously he took out half a bush and it must get up to
15 MPH! I think this will become a Kobi/ daddy toy. Hehe :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Country Picnic

Again daddy made another bunny melon. I had to post this one because I just think its cuter then the last :) He changed up the eyes and used tapioca pearls (instead of carrots) and the nose is the bunny ears cut off of a Peep all held together by toothpicks. Next daddy is working up to these amazing works of art. (click here)
The picnic we attended on Sunday was way out in the country and we drove through some beautiful farms to get there. Now growing up I did view myself as a country girl but it takes a certain criteria for me to categorize "way out country".

A. The original outhouse has been removed (only in recent years).
B. The elders homemade alcohol is passed around and yes some of it is made from dandelions.
C. You have to remove the black snake (that has affectionately been named Billy) to open the cooler in the shed.
D. Etc, etc... you get the idea.
These are just some examples I can think of off the top of my head.

That being said it was a great party (snakes and all) with the best food! Country folks sure can cook!

I love this picture. In the past couple weeks Kobi has become infatuated with motorcycles and race cars so when he saw this chopper he had to make a "tough man face" and tell us that he was "To Fast To Furious". (I swear!)

After party bedtime. He didn't even make it to the bed. Isn't that little butt so cute? :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kobi Turns 3!

Its hard to believe that three years ago today Su-O was giving birth to our son and probably experiencing one of the scariest days of her life in exchange for one of our happiest. All that has happened to him in that short time frame and all that he has experienced has truly been amazing. To think of all the places and people in Taiwan that raised my son for me while I eagerly waited to and the wonderful foster family that took him in and loved him as their own bambino while our power of attorneys and judge worked to form his future here in America. The first couple months of his life he had been passed around like a gypsy and now here he is with us (the most home-body like of people). Poor kid if he doesn't grow up confused it will be a wonder :) So since today is Su-O's special day (I truly believe mine is Dec 18th... the first moment I held Kobi) then I wanted to do something that possibly she would take him to do on his birthday in Taiwan. So when I heard that the Dragon Boat Festival was happening in DC it only seemed natural to go. For such a gloomy day it was lots of fun.
Pictures of Georgetown
(great shopping!)

The Kennedy Center
If I were cool I'd live in one of these urban condos overlooking the water :)
Returning home for lunch we cooked a very "Marylander" tradition. Crabs... yummy! Kobi was so fascinated by the crabs but after we steamed them he could not understand why they weren't moving. Maybe next birthday he'll understand??

After lunch/ nap we headed to a Hibachi Grill for dinner. It was a totally fun experience that Kobi loved!
And since our son will always choose fruit over cake, cupcakes or ice cream (I know weird right??) daddy made him this bunny out of a honeydew melon. Isn't it cute! The eyes are carrots, the nose is a chocolate kiss and the strawberries he dipped in dark chocolate. Yummy!
Happy 3rd Birthday Baby!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

One Kobi Three Matthews

The last three photos I took a couple weeks ago. Matthew is a friend of a friends son. His hair and eyes and skin were just to yummy not to stalk him "Mamarazzi"style at a friends party and since I was playing around with photo editing anyway I threw one of Kobi in that captures his last trace of chubby cheeks. I think my babies fat-ness is almost gone. He's getting so big and I think he will have high cheekbones just like his birth mama. Heck I wish I did... hehe :)

I know its been awhile since I last posted so scroll down to get your "Kobi-Fix" :)
I've posted two more entries to try and catch up!

Pictures between the rain

Kobi making a silly face. Do you think he knew I had the camera? Hehe!

Its been such yucky weather here but I took these pictures two weekends ago when we were having a beautiful Sunday. Swing set almost complete... woo hoo!

A Birthday Party

I love these two pictures! Rachel's facial expression in the first one just says it all. The second picture... I just can't stop laughing! I think this was taken right before Kobi threw her to the ground.
A couple weekends ago was Rachel's 3rd birthday and she had her party in this cool play land place. (When I'm tired my poetic writing just flows out:) Anyway... this "warehouse-looking-toddler-fun-for-all-arena" had different rooms the kids could play in and every couple minutes a director would move them to another area.
So here is Kobi as a weatherman...
unloading groceries from his ambulance (?)
and stealing groceries from the ambulance play land in a shopping cart adequate to his size and able to hightail butt at rapid speed. Moving on...
I had to post this last picture. At what age do children become embarrassed that mom is taking pictures around "friends"? Apparently at TWO! I just like how Kobi put his own name tag on. Hehe!