Friday, October 31, 2008

And The Halloween Costume For 2008 Is...

Not just a chicken... but a FRIED CHICKEN!
(All Kobi's idea I must add:)

This year we handed out fortune cookies because last year I must have spent $50 in candy! I mean that's mamas going out money! (More like Kobi's sneaker fund... LOL!) So this year I went cheap! The kids all seemed to like the idea so I think the "fried chicken" and I have started a new concept for future Halloweens. Plus it only cost us $11 for a HUGE amount of fortune cookies and that included a bubble tea! Woo Hoo! I know I'm happy:)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Picaboo and ...

Kobi's level of speech has always amazed both Matthew and I but there are some words I especially love to hear. Kobi has always been a talker. Even at seven months we would hear him babble all day long be it in the crib when he was suppose to be napping or crawling around the family room playing with toys. Lately he has been putting together very long sentences and making up words that are almost right:) Words like "Lasterday" when he really means to say yesterday, "Shiver me Nintendos" which should be shiver me timbers and he lives in "A-med-ica" instead of America. These are just a few of the funny things Kobi says on a regular basis that come to mind. Its just amazing watching him grow and everyday a new sentence is said. Recently Kobi was given a 3-dimensional block castle to play with. (Of course daddy built it for him during a two hour nap) but after that nap the first ten sentences out of Kobi's mouth were "LOOK AT THAT! WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT, TAKE A LOOK AT THAT, ETC...!" He just says the cutest things. Just a few days ago on our way to Grandmas house we drove by a farm with acres of corn. Kobi says "Mama, that corns only for cows". I was shocked because he was right! So I of course told Kobi "YES YOUR RIGHT HONEY!" to which he responded "I know... I'm a very smart boy". LOL! A couple weeks ago Kobi and I were rushing out the house (just like every morning:) and I tossed a sweatshirt to him saying its cold outside. He looked at me and with the same face I give his father on a normal basis (Hehe!) said "Is it required?" I think I maybe in trouble here. Usually when Kobi is in public (acting up) I will reprimand him then say "Neen dong ma?!" (Not the proper spelling but I write the way I say) which means "Do you understand?" Usually when I say this in Mandarin he knows I mean business. So one day my child who is playing extremely well in the car seat drops his McDonald's happy meal toy and starts screaming "Mama! Mama pick it up!" I of course cant drive 100 MPH, look for cops and turn my back to reach behind the passenger car seat that this Happy Meal toy has fallen, I tell Kobi nope buddy you dropped it. Kobi of course is simply disgusted and starts shouting "Ne Dong Ma, Ne Dong Ma?!!!" I think it was at this point I realized single words or sentences out of my mouth now were no longer safe from Kobi. LOL!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kobi Goes to the Pumpkin Patch (pictures from last Sunday)

This pumpkin patch was HUGE! Kobi started his day at the petting zoo.

"Donkey" was his favorite.

Then we moved on to our first pony ride!! Unfortunately this is the only picture of the big event I can show. Kobi screamed hysterical the entire time! The poor horse was afraid to even move! Looks like riding lessons will NOT be in order in the near future:)

After Kobi babe went one lap around the corral he latched onto his daddy and with the most pitiful, sobbing voice said "Kobi liked it"! LOL! You always make mama laugh Kobi. The picture below is Kobi's "Zoolander" look. Yes those are baby Ray Bans he's sportin. Too Cool that mama couldn't pass up!

Next face painting!

Now there were only about 10-12 picture choices to choose for face painting. Candy corn, witch hat, cat, etc... you know all cute stuff for the 2 year old age group. Leave it to my son to tell the nice artist "I want Joker's face"! I said a Batman symbol will be just fine:)

So with his newly painted "Batman cheek" we decided to paint a small pumpkin like joker. Its all about compromise, right??

I love these pictures. I think they capture every bit of Kobi's personality.

Next up the Choo Choo Train.

Kobi insisted on front row.

This ride was much better then the pony's.

Lastly we chilled with the Brady Man.
Sunday was a good day!

Mama's Glasses Now and 15 Months Ago

Monday, October 6, 2008

My Puma Prince

Oh how I can't wait until the day he actually cuts the lawn. LOL!

Yes I know... who am I kidding?
Shortly after this Arctika got her first bath by Kobi:)
But then it was back to mowing!

Kobi is so proud of his pumpkin. It was the only one that made it out of our garden.
Wait until Halloween I think not! This pumpkin got picked October 6th! (You turn your back for one second...)
Mama will take as many hugs as she can get these days even if it means I have to snatch him up in the middle of playing:)
Now check the post below to see what a difference a year makes.

One Years Time...

Where has my little baby gone??