Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween mama put daddy in charge of the costume. Needless to say nothing was bought "created" in a timely manner. That daddy! So what did mama do? Two days before Halloween I cut up a red bath towel making it a robe, used piping for curtains as a belt and stuffed pillow stuffing in to white cheap girls gloves last minute. The hat we've had around the house since friends came back from Disney. Whew!
Note to self:
Next year try not to figure out what were doing two days ahead of the actually day Halloween is planned :)
I do think the robe turned out really good though. So this years costume cost... maybe $9.00? LOL! I think it cost more to make the dessert Matt took to Kobi's school for their party which by the way I had to post. Isn't it cute? Glad he enjoys being in the kitchen.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Two Post/ One Day

Kobi should know by now that mama doesn't cook.


I bet you all thought we were dead but nope everyone is alive and kicking! Kobi's the same as always. Playing hard until he drops and now quite the back talker. What can I say must get it from his fathers side but hey he is voted most helpful in class so at least you know were doing something right as parents if he doesn't act out there. Hehe! We've been trying to come up with a creative Halloween costume to surpass last years (click here) but this time the ideas just aren't flowing so it will not only be a surprise to you in blog world but also a surprise to mama if I don't get my act together. Just add that to the "to-do list". This past weekend I threw a surprise baby shower for a coworker and made the best baby duvet cover for a crib! Sure it took me twelve straight hours to make, two days before the party, plus my sewing machine died the first five minutes into construction but hey nothing beats the love sewn into every handmade stitch. (Laughing in my head... seriously it hurts to type) I am very proud of it though so I'll have to post a picture for all to see. I think every post from here on out will be titled "Catch Up". I swear gone are the days of posting once a week. I'll shot for once a month so every ones expectations aren't high of me :)