Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My 100th Post!

Our Beach Trip

Kobi is now 14 months old and today marks our 7 month anniversary and my 100th post! That means Kobi has been with us equally as long as in Taiwan! He has changed so much in that little of time. Lately hes been sponging new vocabulary like crazy. He has (almost) 14 teeth and eats "REAL" food now. I know that you mama's out there know what I'm talking about. Not having to puree food in to baby form is a huge accomplishment. Just being able to feed pizza off my plate is a good thing:) He also uses no more bottles! Thank goodness he didn't put up a fight on that one. His newest phase is saying exactly the opposite of what I say. Trust me I have no idea where he learned this trait? Example... I say "Down" he says "Up", I say "No" he says "Yes" I say "On" he says "Off". I suppose all kiddos go through this stage but I certainly thought I had a little more time:) He also is learning "I love you". Comes out "I O U" but I get the point. Plus he knows when to use this phrase. Yesterday I caught him playing with the plant, said "OFF" and his response... "I O U". To which I smiled and he resumed playing with the plant. I feel I'm being tested here...

Anyway. I've post our beach trip video (lots of pictures) and I've also been tagged! (Thanks R... ) LOL! So I'm not one for chain letters but I've been instructed to post 5 facts about myself and tag 5 more helpless people. So my facts are as followed:

1. I have 2 parts on my body that aren't homegrown if you get what I'm saying. That's right my 2 front teeth! (You were thinking something else weren't you:) I've had them since 1997 and broke both of them right before meeting Kobi for the 1st time. Needless to say they were fixed and I'm not telling why they are fake:)
2. I have been a terrible sleepwalker my whole life and have even woken up standing in front of the bedroom TV. I have also slept walk right out the house. When I am in a deep sleep my eyes open and I hold conversations with my hubby. (That are understandable and this really creeps him out!)
3. My family makes candy for a living.
4. I laugh, cry and snort when things are really funny. (simultaneously)
5. I haven't eaten beef since 1994. I'll wear leather but I don't like to taste cow:(

So there you have it! The 5 most useless facts about Kobi's mama!


Andrea said...

Wow Sherry, your family's candy company looks neat and delicious ;)
I can't wait to meet you and little Kobi! Soon!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

Abbey sleep"talks" alot too! She wakes up and screams. I like to have fun with the convos though and make her say silly things.

averysmama said...

Awww...your beach vacation looks awesome! And Kobi is such a happy little man -- I'm glad he loved the ocean.

Kristie said...

I had to crack up when I saw the clip with Kobi sitting innocently on the sand until the tide came in and went in his mouth. So cute!! And candy family..wowie..I loooovveee chocolate. Yum yum.

Sarah said...

Oh, Sherry... the music selection was just perfect for this video. I'm so impressed. It's wonderful! My favorite was also when the wave came up and went into Kobi's mouth!

wes said...

Uggh - the movie didnt work! I love your tag responses! My husband sleep walks - and talks too. It's eerie. - Marina from "OvertheRainbow-Heart" - (I'm on my husbands computer.)

shelley said... much to comment on. Congrats on the food thing....Claire has just started to eat what we eat and it IS so much easier. Your facts were great (scroll down on my blog and you can see mine)I have never known anyone who makes candy for a living..>COOL>. The video was great as usual. I love hubby and Kobi eating and dancing!!

mail said...

Sherry, You may not remember me, but you gave me a lot of great advice and info when I was getting started on my Taiwan adoption back in Dec. Anyway, so glad to see Kobi home and happy with you. He is adorable! The 3 of you make a beautiful family!

jen (jentang from yahoo groups)

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Love your videos! Kobi is the cutest.

Ann said...

Kobi is so cute. I love the video of him with the waves coming it.

My hubby doesn't sleep walk, but you can have a whole conversation with him too. It freaks me out too. And if my family made candy, I would be in a perpetual sugar high. I'm going to have to check that out. You should make that a link on your blog!!

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