Thursday, February 28, 2008

Calling All Blog Readers...

My camera has got me feeling like this!!!
Exhibit AExhibit B Do you see the difference in these pictures? What the heck!? I have the Olympus Stylus 710 and all I can say is that one day it just stopped working right. Now these pictures were taken at Kobi's 18 month check-up. In an effort to rid the stress out of my life (Laughing hysterically here) I decided to give my Olympus Stylus 710 to my dear husband of 5 (or maybe 6) years to fix. That being said Kobi is now 21 months old and something just tells me that unless I magically meet the original camera maker in person then this Stylus 710 is toast. So that being said... WHAT DO YOU ALL RECOMMEND??
Under $500 dollars that is and that takes quick shots.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Its a Snow Day!!!

Yes people we have snow (and ice) so in honor of mama's day off Kobi and I started jumping on the bed...

Notice the walls are no longer red? I'm trying to have a more calming look throughout the bedroom (you know with a 1 year old jumping trampoline style on my mattress:) Next we made our way down to the "Little-Person-Free-For-All-Zone". Which usually looks like this but I have changed out the rug and curtains... oh and new chairs are being made in Texas as we speak! What can I say, I spend way to much valuable time shopping. Moving on...

Forget hanging around the family room the mail box is a much cooler place! (Like 40 degrees cooler)

(No sheep were harmed in the making of this hat)
Hope all you fellow bloggers had just an exciting Friday as us! Now time to make hot chocolate:)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So Big

Hard to believe that Kobi's only one in this picture. It make's me wonder... just how tall will you be when your 20 little man? At 21 months he is now 35 inches and weighs in at 27 lbs! Thats a 3 lb drop in the past couple months and "NO" this little man is not on the Atkins Diet. We can not get him to eat meat for the life of us right now! All vegetables this boy! Is it possible to be born vegetarian cause if so then Kobi has been. All children love beef noodle soup right?? Nope! Not this kid. As I watched daddy enjoy his Vietnamese food tonight (packed with beef) I looked over at Kobi who was solely content on eating mama's tofu, white rice and vegetable's. What can I say... he must get these eating habits from observing me or the biological side or something?? LOL!
So tonight I also sorted through Kobi's closet and look what I brought out. His Gotcha Day clothes!Look his pants have now become capri's!!(December 18th 2006, 7 months old) A baby face close-up then...and now. He still has those adorable ears but look at that mouth full of teeth!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Playground Bound

(Kobi modeling all of his personas)
He is a go-getter...
He is a thinker...

He is determined...

He is wild...

He is crazy...

Plus he's all mine:)
With the biggest baby feet in town... he's definitely in the right family! LOL!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

When you actually sort through pictures...

Sometimes you find ones that say "When the heck did I take that?" Anyway... I thought these were cute and so here you are world :)
Beach 2007
Playing in August(Look at those lips)Playing at Pop-Pops & G-Mama's house in JuneIn all likelihood a mama and Guru shopping excursion:)Kobi in his "pre" walking daysA very serious photo attemptOne year ago (Kobi's 1st real snow fall)
Has he really been with us for only 13 months?? It feels like forever...
I truly have seen the face of Taiwan adoption change since I started the process in May 2006. Back then my husband and I waited 57 days to see our son's face. 57 days was all it took for us to finish our homestudy, dossier and receive the referral of our son. The wait was an arduous six months after that and trust me it felt like an eternity but now it is all a distant memory. I truly sympathize for all you waiting families out there. I can not imagine what you are feeling as you watch your own wait times grow from 57 days to 365 days to 2 years and so on. I pray that you all have a more stable "mental" foundation then I surely ever did. As you all know I love to follow adoption blogs and to share in your journeys to all those beautiful children. Watching "Gotcha Day" videos and just seeing the happy, smiling faces of the families that traveled before me really help to keep my sanity during the long wait. So now I feel compelled to share my home movies and my millions (and millions:) of pictures with you all to maybe help you get through a day when you check your email and the agency hasn't responded or the packet thats suppose to arrive dosen't. Just hang in there and trust me it will happen... until then you can check out what Kobi's been up to.
***On a special note***
Kobi's newest (clearly spoken) sentence's are:

Ni Hao Ma? (How are you?)
What The HECK?!
Yes... my son is finally speaking some Mandarin. Go figure?? I just can not believe he listens to me. LOL! He has been talking for a long time and I am extremely happy with the way his language has developed. He has been saying small words together for quite sometime now and they all usually come out very clearly. However the other day when I walked into his bedroom (early morning to get him ready) he stood up in the crib and with a huge smile said "Ni hao ma?" I got to say my heart just fell right in my chest! I couldn't believe how perfectly he said this sentence!! I will try my hardest to get a new video of him talking.
Now you may be wondering when he said "What the HECK!?" Again a very proud mama here:) I was totally tossing him in to the carseat when I hit his huge head (I mean bumped it) on the car door and looked down at my son's big beautiful brown eye's (checking for a concussion) when he looked right at my face and said "WHAT THE HECK!? Again I just could not believe how perfectly spoken this sentence was!! Now please don't turn me in to child services... LOL:)