Thursday, April 19, 2007


Its finally finished! After many months of playing around with the computer I can say here you go world...Kobi's Story! I unfortunately had to break the video into 2 segments. The first video is the official "Gotcha Day" video. It does have music so turn up the volume. The second video is Kobi's "Welcome to America"! Again this video has sound and I have added a lot of pictures of Kobi! My heart goes out to all you waiting families. I understand how the wait feels and I hope watching the videos will help in some little way. As I waited for Kobi these adoption videos were all I had and it really brought peace to me knowing that this wait will be over soon and that I would have my child. So hang in there waiting families. Someday hopefully real soon Kobi and I will be watching your video:)


shelley said...

what a wonderful job you have done!! I will send you my pics and video from our trip...would you put them together as well???


Tisra said...

So sweet!

You are a gorgeous family, and I think you documented that so well!

Congratulations on being home 4 months. I've been part of the Adopting from Taiwan group since August 06, so I remember when you finally got the call to go!

nearly done paperchasing and almost on The List!

Sarah said...

Wow, guys! These are great!

Ann said...

You did an awesome job. I love watching adoption videos. It always reminds me of why we're waiting. And I think it's great that you always acknowledge(sp?) those of us that are still waiting.

Jennifer said...

Sherry - I found your blog on the Taiwan board . . . thank you so much for sharing. We are also going through the Taichung program, so your pictures and videos mean so much. Kobi looks so very happy and healthy - congratulations Mommy and Daddy! Your story is really something special and will be so wonderful to have in the years to come. Thank you again for sharing and see you on the boards!

Jennifer in Arvada, CO

CAI prog. B for a girl, Feb. 5 2007

Our son T.J. is 22 months (don't little boys just rock!)

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

Love the videos, Sherry! Great job. Brought back lots of memories of our time in Taiwan last month.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

That's so neat! Thanks for sharing what a wonderful day it must have been to finally have him.

averysmama said...

Great video! And Kobi is adorable.

Rob & Karin said...

We loved your videos -- you did such a nice job of capturing your first moments together as a forever family. Kobi is absolutely adorable, and always seems to be smiling and laughing!