Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Brief Recap...

So the last few months consisted of Kobi being transferred into foster care, having his first hair cut, his Hearing (Oct 23rd) and First Ruling (Nov 6th). Now we just wait til the Final Word! At the beginning of this process I had hoped to foster Kobi. However the agency advised me against traveling to soon (they did not want me to jeopardize this adoption in anyway) So I have done my best to hold back from taking that very quick drive to Dulles Airport in hopes that I will be able to travel with Matthew to Taiwan. This "not-fostering" Kobi has got to be the hardest decision I have ever made and I hope I do not regret it latter. All I can do is hope that New Hope has advised me wisely. Kobi (at 5 1/2 month's) weighed 19 1/2 lbs and was 26 inches long. The little Taiwanese baby I had hoped to bring home is now in toddler form! Yikes...so BIG! The bigger the better is now my new motto! Now if I could get this not so little-baby home!

The Case of the Missing Updates

Finally after 2 1/2 months since saying, Yes we want this child!! We received our long lost updates...and I do mean lost! Finally I know what my sons eye's look like! So in 1 day I received about 9 photos and 2 videos...Needless to say it was a Good Day! I laughed and cried when I received these updates. I secretly thought, "Is that my child?" I think it might just be...Wow how he has grown!! Now when I can figure this whole world of blogging out I will post the video's for all to see.

My Inner Martha

The days following vacation consisted of me bringing out the "Inner Martha"! I made everything from the bumper-pads to the curtains... not to mention my first duvet cover! Did anyone else know there are crib-down comforters?? I didn't... My future plans are to take some amazing black and white photo's in Taiwan to put in large frames above the crib. The walls just need something...hmmm...

For everyone that is interested this is a wonderful crib down comforter.

Ahhh...the Beach!

The next month or two my very pale husband took me to Bethany Beach Delaware for week long shopping trips and seafood. I think merely to get me out of the house and to have me stop dwelling over how the nursery would be furnished! Along with bringing my favorite little guy Tyler to throw in random holes on the beach! Needless to say he is borrowed but Matthew and I can both say we wanted a little boy because of him! Did I already say, I cant wait to be a mama! Oh...and this is the closest I will ever come to surfing!

Our Adoption Story

Matthew and I are very excited to be first time parents and hopefully there will not be to many more date nights like these too much longer! We hope to get "The Travel Call" very, very soon and can not wait to hold Kobi for the First Time! To help the time pass a little quicker I thought a blog would fill everyone in on the past couple of crazy months that our household has been through! We started the adoption process in the beginning of May 06' and can not believe how fast (and slow at times) it has gone. In May we signed on with New Hope out of Seattle to help place us with a child. In June we received a letter stating the agencies closure. Matthew and I were devastated! We really thought the closing of this agency meant we would have to start from square one again. Me being the extremely organized women that I am had already gathered all the paper work , started the home study and had mailed off for an I-600A approval to Baltimore. So you can imagine the anxiety I felt on June 21st (the day we received the letter). The next couple days following New Hope's announcement had me calling every agency out of complete desperation, just hoping there was someone, another agency that could place us with a child from Taiwan. (Our age being the deciding factor in almost every ones quick response of... NO!) On June 26th we got "The Call"! Our caseworker had said there was 1 little boy left and were we interested? Were we interested?! I couldn't believe it! So with much surprise & excitement I can announce we have a SON! His name is Kobi Sheng-An...

For the next two months these 2 pictures were all I had of my dear little boy. I stared at them every night and just wished for a quick adoption process! That was in late June and it is now almost December...