Friday, June 20, 2008


By Blogger request I will totally make a "Kobi Marley" video! In the mean time here is Kobi reciting his ABC's. Lets just say there is room for much improvement but still one cute 2 year old:)
*This video is very short*

Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Lazy Day...

and the biggest smiles ever! Happy Daddy Day! Today we chilled in the pool, got our tan on and celebrated what you might ask?

No More Braces! Woo Hoo! Mama's 7 month sentence is now complete. LOL!

On another note I must add that Kobi has a new talent! Singing! Yes people he knows most of the lyrics to Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds" and he recites them over and over again during the day. Nothing is cuter then hearing your 2 year old singing "Every thing's gonna be alright" :) Then there is his new infatuation. Star Wars! Yes this little boy loves Yoda! He cries if this scary looking Yoda doll isn't in his room at night and I hear him saying "Jedi mind trick" to it. OK... clearly this is all daddies doing:)

His language skills have really blown me away lately. I find it remarkable that he knows when to use English vs Mandarin. Since Kobi entered our family in 06' I've continued to speak Mandarin to him. Usually just basic phrases and I am finding that he speaks these phrases to his teachers and also complete strangers when he's out cruising the town with mama. Now the funny part is he only speaks in Mandarin when he is face to face with an Asian person, English with everyone else. When asked "What is your name" by an Asian person he responds "An-An". This is his Taiwanese nickname. He will also repeatedly say "Ni hao" & other small phrases. Isn't that funny? How does such a little person know this stuff?? Driving in the car yesterday daddy handed Kobi a toy (still in the box) and Kobi's response was "Scissors please".

What can I say other then... funny kid!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Faux Hawk It To Me

Here it is guys! A "how-to-video" on the products I use, the way I cut Kobi's hair and the secrets I've learned to creating a long lasting "Faux Hawk". The video clarity isn't the best. Sorry guys the setting on the video camera wasn't for high-quality but I hope all you can see clearly enough my techniques. You know me... anything I can do to populate the world with more toddler faux hawk wearers! LOL!

*At the end of the video is a rolling credit screen of all the products I demonstrated with. As you can see in the video me placing the products 1 inch away from the camera lens was not the most legible thing to have done. If anyone else has got great products they'd love to share then do tell! I always love trying new things. Hope you guys enjoy!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


This Sunday we took Kobi babe to a new state. Its Mar-lan-syl-vania! Some of you may think this mama has totally cracked but its true, its true!
Here is Matt's Uncle Al standing in Maryland but his beer is in Pennsylvania. LOL! What can I say... we had a great time playing at his cabin home that's right on the Mason-Dixon line:)

I think I have some new favorite Kobi pictures!

Here is Kobi's newest love... Miss Sarah.

What can I say. With the way Kobi gravitated towards her all day, I'm just glad she loves children! LOL!

Oh course no new post is complete without a flying mid-air picture! Daddy really is careful but his pictures don't always look like it.

Finally mama got her chance to throw Kobi in the air...

and don't forget to tickle!
We really had a wonderful Sunday playing outside! Kobi keep those smiles coming:)