Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tub Time

Isn't everyone this excited at bath time?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

This Easter we had two very special guest...
and Kobi was beyond excited!
(Leaning in for the kiss)
For some reason I just love this "butt" picture:)
*Like I said these two puppies were GUEST! They belong to my sister aka Auntie Cassie and I think Kobi wished they belonged to him.

Hope everyone had as happy an Easter as Kobi!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

2nd Day of School...

Success!He still didn't nap but had fun dancing to his CD during school that was left in his backpack by a certain mama:)
*Extra bonus for the day:
Three new chairs have made their appearance!
Yep... the 3rd one is a beanbag but hey Kobi needed a new jumping toy. LOL!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Energized and Ready to Go!

First off I must start out by saying a warm THANK YOU to all those cyber hug givers! You all are so awesome and really brought up my spirit since the last post:) Now moving straight to business...I so solemnly swear there will be no more mama meltdowns while you check in on "Kobi's World". All is good right now. LOL! The spa day on Friday did wonders. As I took some remarkable mommy advice to heart from fellow friend Kristen. The daycare situation has come to a cease-fire and dare I say it... Kobi just had his first day of school today! I was such a proud mama this morning when Kobi and I walked hand and hand right through the front door, down the hallway, greeting other children and marched right into "THE ROOM". Now I'm talking about the 2-3 year old classroom here people. Where my son is greeted by other 2 year old comrades immediately. Now a part of me seems to think "How could it be this easy?" Could my Kobi man actually take right to his teacher and surroundings just with a snap of the finger? Wishful thinking! All I can say is the "terrified yell/ screaming marathon" roared its ugly head from the moment I left the room until (from what I've heard) the moment daddy came for pick-up seven hours latter. There was no nap to be had, endless tears and my Kobi man portraying Gandhi as you guessed it... he refused to eat. So on a lighter note here are some Kobi pictures that were snapped "pre" school/ daycare.

Honestly I don't have a clue how much longer the crib will last. The mattress is literally resting on the floor and yet Kobi looks like he could climb out whenever he very well pleases.
Certainly not a photogenic picture but doesn't he look like a 3 year old? He may be the youngest in his class but I kid you not he's got some height on those other kiddo's. Must take after his daddy:)
Wish us luck tomorrow as we make yet another debut at school. Were gonna need it!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Yes people I am exhausted this week and I've said it! :)

Kobi is a healthy little perfect angel of course but this week has brought a realization to me. As most of you know that I am a 40 hour a week working woman on top of that whole parenting thing. That both Matthew and I are blessed to have both our parents living about 10 minutes away and helping us in our daycare needs and have the best coworkers in the world for allowing us come and go as we please (figuratively speaking). So why you might ask could I possible be exhausted? Yes we were given these fabulous parents that are supportive and would do anything for us but on the other hand not only do I feel as though I have to raise Kobi as an active member of society, bring in a pay check thus sending Kobi to the best schools I can, keep a clean home and finish home projects, plan Easter and have time to simply take Kobi to the park, along with an array of endless self accomplishments that I have mentally given to myself but I've also been blessed with "old" parents. Not that that's a bad thing but I have a mother who goes into diabetic coma about once a month (and she's the healthy one) a father that's never recuperated after open heart surgery, a mother-in-law that is very, very sick right now (and hopefully its not TB... a whole other story in itself) and I think to myself are all families like mine? I love my parents dearly but at 27 should you already be telling your parents things like "You have three children and you should start thinking of who you want to take care of you"? These are the things I have let run through my mind today. So now you see why I'm exhausted. All that plus the fact that now it has hit me like a brick to the face, Kobi needs to go into daycare. I have missed another day of work because all three of mine/ Matt's parental units are sick (extremely sick) and the idea of being a stay-at-home mom truly has me saying FABULOUS except that whole needing to eat part. So again exhaustion has set in. On the plus side with having an extra day off I have had time to tour a "what appears to be" wonderful little person's academy but I guess I will know for sure tomorrow when Matthew is taking off from his schedule and scooping out the place, plus meeting with another promising daycare provider that works out of her home. Now that I am finished with my rambling (and I hear another glass of wine calling my name) I feel the need to say something uplifting and positive because trust me I am not this person who is a "venter". That wants people saying it's OK, its just a bad day, I'm sorry blah, blah, blah. That's so not me! So in a happy note (Drum roll PLEASE...) Kobi has used the potty! And I'm talking the adult, full size potty! Forget the potty chair people! Yes I may be cleaning pee pee off my bathroom walls, curtains, mirrors, etc (the joys of having a boy) but right now I feel as though there has been an accomplishment. LOL! Now let us all cross our fingers that tomorrow Kobi will find the potty to be as cool a place to be as today. LOL!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We Found A New Park!

That's perfect for a 1 year old:)

Now if I only had my video camera when it was time to leave. Let's just say Hello Terrific Two's! (A little early)