Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year Kobi!!

One Year ago today...Bill aka Bubba "The Polar Bear King" trying out the uncles new hot tub. (In the sleet!)So scary...Me trying my hardest to keep the Bubba outside. I don't want to spend my New Years with a half naked man!!
"What a difference a year makes"...well sort-of! I have a stork in my yard...I'm not locking out Bubba...but yet again I'm spending my New Years with a half naked man. (I'll take him over Bubba any day!)

Poor little guy, he just couldn't make it til midnight. Goodnight Kobi...neither did daddy.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry 1st Christmas Kobi!!

"Hmm...whats this?? I don't know but I think I like it." "This toy works even better when I break this do-hickey!!"

Kobi had a very relaxing Christmas morning playing with his new bouncer and elephant toy but now let the excitement begin! First stop, Nursing Home to meet his Great-Grandma (Nan) for the very first time. (Plus he's extra special because he's her only great-grandchild..."SPOIL me away!")

"Here I am... "
"I liked her a lot and even put on my Santa hat for her. What do you think?? "
"and then the shoes too!"Next was a trip to G-Mama's house (Sherry's mama). So many presents!"I knew exactly what to do! Tear That Paper!!""Each present I made sure worked...""and last a big group shot of all G-Mama's grand kids. (I really am the "Ladies Man" just like my shirt says!)"
As an extra special Christmas Present Matthew and I found a CD with these precious photo's of our little guy. It was tucked into the diaper bag the agency gave to us! These were taken of Kobi while we waited for him to be in our arms. We will always treasure these special pictures and have them through out our home! (Thank you foster family for loving this little guy!)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Welcome To America!!!!!

Paperwork...CHECK!Passport...CHECK!Last McD's shrimp and rice bun sandwich for awhile...CHECK!The gate where our journey to America began. After this...Los Angeles, Las Vegas and lastly Baltimore! Yeah!!!We finally arrive!!! Daddy are you filming EVERYTHING??? Here I come...I don't have a clue who you are...You either...Mama told me not to cry...I'm holding back the tears...I'm starting to wonder whats going on...Your not daddy...I like you. Your a little person...Now I get it! You must be one of those grandma persons mama's been talking about. Grandma please feed me faster!!Mama...I'm tired. Can we leave the airports and not come back for awhile??
So with such a long journey home I can say, "YES" our luggage was lost and "YES" it did have all of Kobi's formula in it!" Thanks to Auntie Cassie (who ran out and bought me American formula) I made it through the night! Silly mama for only packing eight bottles! Other then that I was so ready for a nap and a tubby! Boy...America is exhausting!

December 20th "Last Full Day In Taiwan"

Surprise...No Rain this morning! So Kobi and I decided to try out one of our slings for the first time. It worked pretty good! We started our morning off with a fantastic breakfast buffet then journeyed out to the gardens of our hotel. This is a cool waterfall that flows three stories. At night it was lit up in blue lights. Very tranquil... I think I need one for my back yard!Next on the To-Do List...The Grand Hotel. Another big entrance for another huge building!The inside of this hotel certainly lived up to the name! Yes those are marble stairs! I took a picture of this outside the Grand Hotel...Is it a tree or a bush??One very cute hat daddy bought for baby Kobi during our shopping adventure today.So it did rain eventually but we did manage to make our way outside the hotel to see Taipei 101 and the shopping mall near it at night. The night before was packed with people but this night was pretty cold! It was nice to see everything lit up for Christmas and I did so good and walked through the Coach and Louis Vuitton stores with out buying anything. A big Congrats to mama!