Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To the Beach!

Delaware bound and sun lotioned up! A couple days ago we made our way over the border:)
I must have taken at least 300 pictures in 3 days so to not bore everyone I put them in video form with music.

I was so proud of Kobi this trip. For the first time he slept in a big boy bed. Actually a queen size bed but you get the point:) I was so worried that I would wake up to a wandering toddler that was playing with knives in the kitchen or pushing buttons on the hot tub outside but nope, to my surprise baby Kobi actually stayed put in his bed and hollered for us in the morning to come and get him. I think a big boy bed is in the near future now! It was so wonderful to see his face light up the moment he saw the ocean and I think because of this trip he has a true grasp on all the days of the week. One week before we actually left he would say "Goin to the beach now?" to which I'd say "On Saturday baby, today
is ____". Would you believe during our ride to Delaware he could recite all the days of the week. Matt and I were shocked! Such a smarty!

Now is it just me or where did the summer go?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Before Bed

Look at that smile. Its so angelic, sweet, innocent...until he knows your taking a picture of him then you have this. (Photo below) That's OK. I smile with every face he makes... especially the silly ones:)The sky was beautiful tonight.After park time we headed over to our garden. Look at all those tomatoes Kobi grew! Now daddy go make some salsa... yum!I'm loving everyones recommendations for the bathroom so please keep them coming:) So far I have painted the ceiling, trim, drawers (black), purchased new mirror, ceiling light/fan and chrome knobs for the cabinet. Thanks to Janalee's advice for the "little boy aiming problems" I have held off on ordering the linen like wall paper. LOL! I never even thought of that:) And will hopefully have finished pictures up soon along with my new pant recommendations! For the meantime here's pics of an "all natural" Kobi... look no hair gel! LOL!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Noodles, Pools and Tiles

Now you know why Kobi is fed naked. I'll get the hose :)

On Sunday we took full advantage of Aunt Cassie's pool. Her whole fam was away on a mini vacation so we totally broke through the gate, stole some towels, splashed around and soaked up some sun! Thanks Auntie Cassie! (Now if your wondering how you didn't know about this well daddy and mama meticulously put the pool cover back on, pushed all the million tiny pebbles Kobi was playing with back in to the flowerbeds where they belonged and left as soon as we heard sirens. Hehe! We probably should have told those neighbors of yours who we were:)


Next comes the tiles. I am ashamed to even show this picture. LOL! Below is how Kobi's bathroom looked. Now before you say OMG there is spackle all over the walls, why is the toilet and tub beige when the floor is clearly white and blue and could it be any more stark. Well let me tell you I am trying to rectify this problem. This is one of those rooms when we bought our foreclosed home in 2002 that was first on the "To-Do List" but sadly has been overlooked for years (mainly because the rest of the house was this sad on move in day as well). Plus I am attempting this room unassisted. Yep people wish me luck! I am such a HGTV addict that after watching all those design shows I've gone completely nuts and said "Screw it!" I can do this stuff myself just like those people on Design to Sell! LOL! So I went to Home Depot bought a box of Traffic Master Original press on tiles in beige slate, ripped off the quarter round molding, put the toilet in a different room and just started slapping new tiles down on the ugly vinyl floor.Oh my goodness! It was sooooo easy! I can not believe that I waited this long to do this and it really looks like real tiles (until you step on it) but you know what I mean. Plus get this... the box of tiles only cost $30! So Kobi's bathroom has become my Design on a Dime bathroom. Hehe! (***Yes where the cabinet meets the tile still needs moulding***) Next I will be changing the faucet to the "bamboo" inspired one that I found at , changing the knobs to silver and painting the blah, blah cabinet black to match Kobi's furniture. I think on the walls I will try a linen wall paper and I have got to find a cool mirror to replace the builders grade oh so chic humongous one. The 80's light fixture I have already ripped out and replaced with this one pictured below. I must say the Home Depot Expo had beautiful lighting and that's where I snagged this one. (The last picture really doesn't show it to well so go here to see it more clearly)

So noodles, pool, tile all in 2 days time. Been a little busy but in a good way. Now if anyone has any bathroom suggestions I'm all ears. As you can plainly see I've got an ugly room on my hands that needs "beautifying". LOL!