Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I know the rest of the world usually starts a healthy diet on January 1st but not this household. (At least for Kobi anyway!) To bring in the new year we made buttery, fating, sugar cookies. Kobi is so thin! He's totally healthy at his weight and I think he is tall which makes his little butt look nonexistent anyway but I just wish he would eat more fattening foods. That sounds strange but he naturally chooses to eat fish and vegetables over mac & cheese and cake which I know is probably a really good way to start out in life but geeessshhh already! Cant mama still have one little fat roll to look at! LOL! I shouldn't complain about this issue because I am sure next month Kobi will only want to eat all the bad "forbidden food to mama" but really this kid does eat like crazy, just healthy. For example I am forced to buy salmon, mango's and persimmons on a regular basis (all fresh or he won't touch it) we go through a 15lb bag of rice in weeks and I just didn't think at age 3 I would really have to worry about that. At least he's got good taste. Lord help me when he turns 15! He'll eat me out of the house! I have tried to make little sandwiches (you know lunch meat, cheese, wonder bread, etc...) he looks at me like where is the real food and doesn't touch it. The only bread he will eat has to be croissants and if his lunch isn't something hot and cooked in the oven he refuses it. Uggh! Its a good thing daddy does all the cooking. Poor kid would starve to death if it were just mama :) So my goal for the year 2010...
increase my grocery budget by 50% and suck up the fact that trying to get out of the house in a timely manner because breakfast takes 20 minutes to make just isn't happening :)

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Jennifer said...

Sugar cookies are Don's favorite!!!!